Research Papers






Bates, K. (in preparation) 'Overlooking, Overlapping and Overestimating: A Cautionary Tale on the Use of Anthropometric Indices in the Analysis of Population-Level Burdens of Malnutrition'

Bates, K. (in preparation) 'Double Burden or Double Counting - Stuntingoverweightness and the Double Burden of Child Malnutrition'

Bates, K., & Gjonça, A. (in preparation) ‘Regional Disparities and Socioeconomic Inequality in Adult Health in Albania’

Bates, K. (in preparation) ‘The Double Burden of Child Malnutrition in Low and Middle Income Countries’

Bates, K., Subramanian, S. V. (in preparation) ‘The Household Double Burden of Malnutrition: a Multilevel Analysis of Low and Middle Income Countries’